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WH’s Erotic Story: Whipped Cream On Her Clit, And Hot Sex

I had a lover, a stunning young woman who would invite me into her bed over and over again.

One time, we were fooling around and I asked her if she ever eats in bed. She looked at me curiously, and I asked her if she had any whipped cream.

She looked at me slyly, and said she did have some. She gets out of bed, still fully naked and I follow her, my cock half erect, flopping with each step.

She reaches the refrigerator door and I come up from behind, rub my partially erect cock on her ass, and I hear her moan quietly. She bends down to get the whipped cream, and ooo, I like that.

We take the whipped cream back to the bedroom. As I open the Cool Whip, she lays down, rubs her clit, as if she’s warming up. I apologize for messing up her sheets and take some Cool Whip, spread it on her titties and not just lick but take a mouthful of tittie in my mouth, feeling so turned on. With my mouth still spread over her titties, my tongue rubs and flicks around her nipples and I can feel get getting harder on my tongue.

I alternate nipples while she grabs my right hand and starts to suck on the fingers. I immediately take my hand back, fully knowing what I need both of them for next. I take a good handful of Cool Whip and spread on her now juicy pussy; first a little and then slowly lick it off, tasting the Cool Whip and her sweet juices. I can get enough, I put my mouth over her whole pussy and do the tongue dance on her warm, juicy pussy.

Oh that’s good! XX

She’s moaning a little louder. I smear more Cool Whip on her pussy and lick some more and now she’s moving her hips side to side slightly. My mouth is watering from the licking, I’m loving it! I take spread the love back onto her nipples that are now as hard as my cock . . .

Would you believe this was all part of the same night?

That was one of the most memorable nights I’ve had.

We did break up so no more of that. Fortunately, I may still have an active imagination or just elaborate more on this night, which, there’s plenty more to tell.

Thank you so much to WH!! (love it)

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